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A lot of entities have limited use of collected data. Using predictive analysis and machine learning we can transform data to valuable tools that decrease risk, make decisioning processes more effective and give insights for the future.

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Running cause-of-action analysis
Consequence analysis


Loyalty and buying probability indicators
Fact-based decisioning tools


Preventive maintenance
Risk analysis

What makes us different?

Precise Prediction delivers data-driven predictions through Machine Learning and statistical analysis.

If components are measurable and comparable over time, we can deliver. Traditional analysis is often limited by the number of variables and for this cause not able to show “the big picture”. By using Machine Learning we can process unlimited variables which are analyzed against each other, but also each variable in correlation and the result is more precise and reliable. If we use the expression «learning by doing» on human beings, we can use the computer for «learning from what has happened» with nearly no limitations on relevant input.

Traditional scoring techniques can only cope with a limited number of data elements

Next generation solutions can handle significantly more data to assess suitability on a specific granular basis

Risk will decrease, and processes can be more efficient if avoiding using outdated analyses and constantly havethe right “data driven decisioning basis” and insights about the future in the desired area. When using our models and software, our analyses may improve themselves and make use of time-related changes in data to ensure and secure that the method and model is continuously updated and correct. This is what we call Machine Learning.


Jotun AS entering into a purchase agreement for TIBCO Data Virtualization

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Elkjøp signs with Precise Prediction

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Sandvika, Norway, June 6th, 2018. Elkjøp Nordic AS has through Precise Prediction Holding AS and its subsidiary Statsoft Norway AS expanded their license for TIBCO Data Virtualization. ”That Elkjøp Nordic, one of the early [...]

Breakfast meeting: The future of data-warehousing  – TIBCO Data Virtualization

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