Big Data London Event

///Big Data London Event

I was really pleased to attend the Big Data London event. Invited by our partner TIBCO at their stand where we connected with participants and showed our proposition to banks, Telco’s and marketing agencies.

The key topic was Big Data, which was broken into 3 key themes:

Fast data, with a focus on modern streaming platforms that allow for real-time processing of data resulting in instant data analysis, which are essential developments to accelerate the IoT revolution.

Self-Service Analytics whereby modern businesses can now put data and analytic insights into the hands of business users, in this way democratising business intelligence and allowing for the traditional expert silos to be opened up for broader, analytics focused conversations to take place across the company.

And last but not least, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning – a key theme for the event. The focus was to separate the hype from reality with real world examples and user cases from global organisations who are at the forefront of harnessing the advantages of predictive analytics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

It was 2 fascinating days of learning and dialogue with industry innovators. Particularly the presentation by Matt Harris who is Head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. He was quoted saying “Every decision we make is based on data. We correlate driver feedback with analytics to make the right decision, the right set of changes on the car”. The car has 300 sensors and on a race weekend the data transfer is 3.5 T.

The company use TIBCO’s advanced analytics software in order to stay ahead of competition and win world championships in Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton as the team’s no 1 driver.

In addition to having an excellent driver, the use of advanced analytics is key to the successful performance. A  large team of engineers, data scientists and IT specialists are analysing and making decisions based on live race data and comparing with previous races in order to continuously improve the performance of the car.

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